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      Demo drop instructions

      Before sending your demo, please read our Guidelines.

      Sending the demo

      Sending a demo is now much simpler and faster, you will only have to fill some very simple information.

      Check the example below, It is very simple.

      1. put your artist name
      2. your email
      3. the name of your song
      4. select the genre or genres of your song
      5. upload your MP3 file
      6. Add a note if necessary (is optional)
      7. press the send button

      That's all, just wait for the file to be sent and that's it, our team will contact you within 7 business days to send the final version of the song or remix.

      Please read sending the final version

      Sending final version

      If your demo was approved, it's time to upload the final version of your song!

      The way in which you will send it will be different from the previous one, in this way we make sure that our system is not saturated.

      1. Create a folder called: remixpack
      2. Export your song in WAV and put it on "remixpack" folder.
      3. Check how to create a remixpack and make it and save the remixpack in the remixpack folder.
      4. Now with one compression program like winrar, compress the folder remixpack with the following settings
      5. Compression method: the best
        only by putting that setting you will be able to compress about 300MB in 100MB
      6. Go into WeTransfer and upload the remixpack

      And that's all!, You will be informed via email or chat of the release date of your song as soon as we obtain the information.