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DJ Van Damme kicking down the beats!!! Began mixing at home and basically taught myself how to mix.... Always had an ear for music and decided to practice mixing as a hobby....
Eventually mixed at local clubs in Johannesburg South Africa.
Did mobile DJing for private parties and now decided to host my own event.

I love to mix All Genre's of EDM but mostly Trance and subgenre's of Trance ...I tend to focus on mixing Hard styles of EDM.
My unique Transition by using  two different Fx can only be heard in some of my mixing but it really changes the standard style most Trance DJs use ....I like creating my own genres like Hard Psytech featured in my INFRA COLLECTION...
I Enjoyed experimenting with EDM by either raising the standard bpm of a genre or fusing musical aspects of different Genres  together, to make a unique experience.
My goal is to create mixes for my fans that bring another level to there party by creating unique mixing styles with intense Uplifting adrenaline pumping tunes!!

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