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Noistruct (Boris Otterdam) is a Breakcore/Hardcore/IDM/underground electronic music producer.
Beginning in 1998 with a sound characteristic of the typical Australian "cut n paste/sample heavy" style of early hardcore/broken beat pioneers like Bloody Fist and Hardline Rekordingz but also heavily influenced by the mid 90s digital hardcore, d-jungle, fuckstep, abstract hip hop and proto-breakcore styles that emerged from Midwest USA, The UK and Europe at the time such as Digital Hardcore, Mille Plateaux, Cavage, Ambush Records, Low Res, Addict Records, Praxis and Zhark International.

Co-founding one of the first Australian breakcore labels and the first on the West Coast, 8-Bit Recordings with The Last Ninja and Deadcode in 2000 and organising and running underground hardcore/breakcore/drum n bass shows from 2000 to 2010 there (including West Coast shows for Maruosa and Volzoy, early shows for Aussie chiptune pioneers CHrism and Fenris and the first appearance of future Pendulum founder Rob Swire as Anscenic) As well as frequently  contributing to the wider Australian scene for the next 19 years and counting.

The most prolific producer/promoter and organiser for the first wave of The Australian Breakcore Scene. He's released more than 110 albums, EPs and singles digitally and physically, run numerous radio shows, events, parties and podcasts and played more than 300 shows with DJs, producers and bands from Australia and around the world including Duane Buford (Ministry/Revolting Cocks), Scorn, Converter, Istari Lasterfahrer, Noisekick, Black Lung, Captain Raveman, Epsilon, Xylocaine, Ohmega Sir, Dylan, Limewax, Whitehouse, Eiterherd, Funksturong, DIn-ST, The Haters, Anscenic, Centaspike, Tymon, Negative Network, Maladroit, Killjoy, Animal Intelligence, Hutcho and Tortured Nurse among others.
He has been remixed by the likes of Mick Harris, Xylocaine, Bombardier, Aaron Spectre, 4e, Enduser, Angie Reed, Bomb20, Kurrupt and 2nd Gen to name a few.

After self releasing on his own labels and releasing on a slew of underground labels around the world, He joined the roster of US label Sonicterror Recordings in 2018.

He now resides in his hometown Perth Western Australia where he runs the influential Australian independent label ENDE Records since 2014.

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