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Born in Spain, Basque Country, Neo Project, formerly known as Dj Neo, started in 2006 with bumping, hardbass and makina as an underground dj, reborn from the ashes in 2018, he started producing different styles of music in the field of hard dance

Why should I stay in one style, when all styles can be one? My style is hard dance, for me hard dance is not just a style of music, it is a lifestyle that we love, many He saved us from something bad at some point in our lives, myself included, and the best way to thank him is by contributing our bit of sound to those beastly playlists!, I will always try to give my best, improving my style every day, until the end of my days, and I think I can say the same for the colleagues with whom I share this incredible genre of music, the hard dance community is a great community, with great people, and I am proud to share it with all of them, I love you!.

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