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my real name is Jochen Faussner age almost 45 and live in Amsterdam. I started producing last year and trying to get acquainted with this core ! I am very motivated and one day I saw a vid of DJ PainBringer using a simple DAW. Producing through an app.. A world opened up for me. I needed to find something in life where I can put my full dedication and pleasure into it and to forget this crazy world so now and then. Besides my busy job which I truly love, my other love life is Music/.

I have know the Turn up The Bass decade to a decade where hardcore started and my first rave was Raving Nightmare back in the early nineties. Sold my soul forever to Hardcore. I was learning the hard way by practicing by just exploring that resulted after numerous attempts in album Release at Rotjecore in 2022 and numerous additions to their compilations. I also had my 2 first releases on 1 compilation on Gabbaret Records.
I really felt honoured and hey people believed in my music. I made the change to one of the biggest DAW every producer knows and my music lifted up and this is promising for my future with in the hope of a career in being a fulltime producer and/or DJ.
Thank you SEUA in helping my music to a wider quantity of audience and hope to inspire with my fast hard dark but also melodic hardcore/early terror. I have experienced with a 90's house track and that sounded dope too. So expect lotssss of music from me for you gabbers and gabberinas/

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