Aviad Moshe is a 22 year old newcomer, and have started to play with music at 13 by mixing with the most simple Dj programs and over the years started to be more involved with producing. when he was 16 he produced his first track which got over 800,000 views world wide and from that point started to produce a lot more. At 2020, he changed the stage name from “Mozes”. He has graduated sound designing at 2020 and currently learning music theory and mix master.

As a newcomer he started out with his very first label release here on SDR With the free-track “Light Of The 7” so stay tuned for this young man is here to stay and to deliver great music to all of us.


  • Guardelion – Light Of The 7
  • Guardelion – Winter Is Here
  • Guardelion – Winter Is Here (Part 2)